Sunday, September 26, 2010

fab shop spotlight

there are lots of good fabricators,amazing talented people,but there are very few honest people who put out consistent quality work in a consistent timely fashion with a minimum ego. i will be linking good fab shops and builders. first is matt seret. hands down the NUMBER 1 sheet metal man working in the business. he consistently pumps out badass custom projects from his shop on a level that no one else can come close to. not only does he make beautiful formed metal,he can also build motors,engineer chassis, and make entire cars from scratch,and he's a nice guy to boot.

53 chevy

heres a 53 chevy i got that already had a nice chop,a 350/350 and some subtle mods. kyle from sugar shop,myself and jeff from wolf fabrication (DMG CREW) straightened out the handling with a mustang II,gambino step notch,4 link,and air ride all the way around.

kindra's 1961 impala

this was a cool car. i owned this car many years ago,sold it,then bought it back and totally went through it.we did some cool body mods including rolled rockers,rounded trunk corners, canted headlights,1958 buick grill,but the craziest is the split bumpers frenched into the body. after that we gave it switches.air ride with 1/2" lines that hit so hard the back seat would pop out! then we painted it purple and white fadeaway paint on the body with fuschia bassboat flake on the roof. somebody told me this car was in a rockabilly dvd they got at best buy,but i dont like rockabilly.

1929 ford model A roadster

one of my most ambitious projects,this period roadster has gone through 3's been featured in magazines and the Hot Rod Havoc dvd series. it's final build before i sold it had a 4 banger flathead with a super rare "rayday seattle" high compression head, handmade xmembers and torque tube lakes pipes,handmade windows,and much much more.miss this one.