Saturday, April 23, 2011

thrash muthalickin thrash

trying to get this heap done workin my butt off

roth rattlebomb

i'm a dealer for roth flake and roth rattlebomb, i'll have a whole bunch at born free, and if you don't want to wait that long you can order from right here in about 2-1/2 weeks. feel free to email me any questions at there's bases, kandies, flake,and 2 types of clear. super stoked!!

schoolin fools

saw this on the jj...he found this t-bird,and brought it back to life. he didnt put an aftermarket stamped steel gas tank and a big ugly remote oil filter and sport bike tires and call it a bobber. he fucking ruled it. he got the thing running. why? because it rules. remember kids- don't cut up and powdercoat rims and talk about your "build style" on awesome pre-units before you study this bike.