Saturday, November 6, 2010

charlie o'hanlon

here's me a long ass time ago in san francisco with charlie o'hanlon. before my back hurt every day.before i needed frequent naps.charlie owned a honda shop and helped me build a triumph chopper.he didnt want anyone to know he had anything to do with triumphs so he had me bring my roller to his shop. he would help me then i would take it home. i did'nt have a car or truck so sometimes i would push it home across town. i wanted it sooo bad. he taught me about threaded bungs being mostly superior to tab mounts,and some neat tank mounting tricks,and how to make things cleaner.simpler .better. charlie is an amazing restoration specialist. he has inspired me to approach choppers from a restorative angle.attend to each detail. make them clean.make them new. thank you charlie.

bloopers and mishaps.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010