Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

charlie o'hanlon

here's me a long ass time ago in san francisco with charlie o'hanlon. before my back hurt every day.before i needed frequent naps.charlie owned a honda shop and helped me build a triumph chopper.he didnt want anyone to know he had anything to do with triumphs so he had me bring my roller to his shop. he would help me then i would take it home. i did'nt have a car or truck so sometimes i would push it home across town. i wanted it sooo bad. he taught me about threaded bungs being mostly superior to tab mounts,and some neat tank mounting tricks,and how to make things cleaner.simpler .better. charlie is an amazing restoration specialist. he has inspired me to approach choppers from a restorative angle.attend to each detail. make them clean.make them new. thank you charlie.

bloopers and mishaps.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

retarded skinny wheel.

you'll see the mockup of the whole bike soon...forks are'nt much wider than this. hee hee.

finished pan pics

never posted completed pics of the ice queen,so here you go.

we build choppers,choppers build broke dudes

halloween is around the corner

your welcome

Sunday, October 24, 2010

psychedelic sunday

snarked these from a co-worker's black light poster book.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i hate the sucks,but.....

this is cool because these dudes did something cool instead of shopping at whole foods ,being opinionated cunts to people and slamming a bunch of stupid fucking bumper stickers on their volvos. check it-

concept is an air-fueled concept bike that features a zero pollution effect on the environment through greenhouse gas emissions and especially being cheap and willingly available. The rotary air engine is lightweight, compact and powerful and is powered by compressed air from the two compressed air tanks. Because of its 3000 RPM of the engine, this bike can run only on one gear which is actually a sprocket bolted to the engine axis and chained with the rear wheel. The carbon fiber tanks of the bike stores the compressed air, when mass is produced, the solar panel generated energy will compress air and amass them in the tanks. The bike doesn’t contain any kind of lightening like headlight, indicator light or brake lights; instead, it contains three tiny cameras.

illegally parked cop car gets towed.

YESSSS!!!! how many times do you see cops breaking traffic laws? flashing lights just to go through a red light on the way to get coffee, double the speed limit cruising around's about time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


courtesy of

les paul junior

ron heathman rocking the t.v. yellow....yes.


not too sure about this,but i think i like it

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

crazy royal enfield chopper

2 versions. which do you like better?

deserted cities of the heart

subtitled movies.what the fuck?

is'nt the whole point of watching a movie so you dont have to read the book?

haman's chop shop

some crazy stuff happenin at the hamans chop shop in's a sampling from their blog.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

fab shop spotlight

there are lots of good fabricators,amazing talented people,but there are very few honest people who put out consistent quality work in a consistent timely fashion with a minimum ego. i will be linking good fab shops and builders. first is matt seret. hands down the NUMBER 1 sheet metal man working in the business. he consistently pumps out badass custom projects from his shop on a level that no one else can come close to. not only does he make beautiful formed metal,he can also build motors,engineer chassis, and make entire cars from scratch,and he's a nice guy to boot.

53 chevy

heres a 53 chevy i got that already had a nice chop,a 350/350 and some subtle mods. kyle from sugar shop,myself and jeff from wolf fabrication (DMG CREW) straightened out the handling with a mustang II,gambino step notch,4 link,and air ride all the way around.

kindra's 1961 impala

this was a cool car. i owned this car many years ago,sold it,then bought it back and totally went through it.we did some cool body mods including rolled rockers,rounded trunk corners, canted headlights,1958 buick grill,but the craziest is the split bumpers frenched into the body. after that we gave it switches.air ride with 1/2" lines that hit so hard the back seat would pop out! then we painted it purple and white fadeaway paint on the body with fuschia bassboat flake on the roof. somebody told me this car was in a rockabilly dvd they got at best buy,but i dont like rockabilly.