Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i hate the sucks,but.....

this is cool because these dudes did something cool instead of shopping at whole foods ,being opinionated cunts to people and slamming a bunch of stupid fucking bumper stickers on their volvos. check it-

concept is an air-fueled concept bike that features a zero pollution effect on the environment through greenhouse gas emissions and especially being cheap and willingly available. The rotary air engine is lightweight, compact and powerful and is powered by compressed air from the two compressed air tanks. Because of its 3000 RPM of the engine, this bike can run only on one gear which is actually a sprocket bolted to the engine axis and chained with the rear wheel. The carbon fiber tanks of the bike stores the compressed air, when mass is produced, the solar panel generated energy will compress air and amass them in the tanks. The bike doesn’t contain any kind of lightening like headlight, indicator light or brake lights; instead, it contains three tiny cameras.

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