Tuesday, May 31, 2011

bike court

Looking through the blogs and logs, Catalogs and sparkle jobs
like watching a slow motion rape and pillage
up in my tourist trap village.
sad and fury occur and spur me-
You stand accused of culture vulturism, how do you plead?
I heard your case and watched your poker face as you talked about 2004 as if it really was back in the day
Well i'll tell you what, faggot, you've been found guilty by your own pleas of innocence through industry, but don't sweat it.
WE'RE ALL thieves and liars , some are slick and some are quick
to be the ones the public admires-singing their praises in denim and flannel choirs
but it's a lions game round here and I might stand up and cheer when their kingdoms of straw burn down to the ground in the fire

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